Los Angeles

The Master's Kitchen



Our Primary Focus is to Demonstrate and Establish a Presence of Love and Consistency in the Community by:


Giving LOVE A 'FACE'

Feeding Our Neighbors, The People of Los Angeles Nutritious Meals

Uplifting The Spirit of Our Neighbors through a Unique Atmosphere of Prayer and Encouragement

Reconnecting Families, Friends, and Cultures as NEIGHBORS

We Believe - When We Serve and Love Our Neighbor - We Serve God


Belinda Espy,


The Master's Kitchen

In 2011, a disturbing Los Angeles Times headline stated: "L.A. County Leads U.S In Hunger Study." The severe economic downturn and upsurge in homelessness in Los Angels Countyin the past few years has made our hunger problem much more severe and visible.

Data from the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank shows a significant increase in recent clients seeking food assistance! Current estimates are that 1 in 6 residents of Los Angeles County are "food insecure."

300,000 food insecure children and nearly 100,000 homeless residents of L.A. County yields a truly staggering number of people who cannot reliably satisfy their need for food.


  • Over 30% of adults seekng food assistance are currently employed

  • More than 50% of those work full-time jobs

  • 20% have held managerial or professional positions in the past

  • 30% have had to choose between paying for food and paying for rent or mortgage

  • 28% have had to choose between paying for food and paying for medicine or medical care


These numbers represent real people...children, the elderly, families, some even our friends and family members.



The Master's Kitchen is an inter-denominational, inter-faith food

program ministry currently collaborating with Windsor Hills Community Assistance MRFHP, a registered 501-C (3) organization.

The Master's Kitchen project is a non-profit enterprise formed to aid in the fight against hunger, beginning with the Los Angeles Windsor Hills community.

The Kitchen is soley funded by donations and will endeavor to provide a nutritious meal to individuals on a daily basis.